Retrieve Your Beautiful Smile With Dentures!


Dentures or artificial teeth are an alternative way for missing tooth or teeth and surrounding tissues. This dental practice comes under Restorative Dentistry. Dentures are built from nylon, acrylic, or metal. Tooth decay, gum problems, poor oral care, tooth extraction, and other causes are the reasons for tooth loss.

When you are missing all your teeth, it might make your facial muscles look saggy, the reason for which you will look aged. Dentures are used to fill the gap restore your smile and provide protection to your other teeth. This helps the person to eat, chew, or speak smoothly.

Common kinds of dentures:

1. Complete (Full) Dentures – The best treatment for patients who lack all of their teeth. They are positioned on top of the gums and are anchored to existing teeth. They are generally placed within 8-12 weeks after the teeth have been removed.

2. Partial Dentures — Partial dentures are done when a patient still has some of his or her natural teeth in the upper and lower jaw. There is a pink-colored base which is connected to a metal piece. These pieces support the denture in your mouth. They are easily removable, meaning you can easily pull them out whenever you feel like.

3. Immediate dentures – Immediate dentures are generally implemented on the same date when your teeth are being removed or extracted.

What will your Dentist treat In Oak Forest, IL?

The denture treatment procedure requires several weeks and appointments. When your doctor or prosthodontic in Oak Forest, IL decides what kind of dentures is relevant for you, then the expertise will take a few impressions of your jaw and also the measurements. Then your doctor will start to create models, wax forms, or plastic patterns as per the apt shape and position of the dentures to be developed. Now you will have to try this model several times and the denture will be checked and verified for color, shape, and fit before it is finally built and handed over to you. You will have to visit our Advanced Solutions Family Dental office whenever adjustments are required.

Care for your Dentures

Generally, our mouths are covered with bacteria. Therefore, it’s not astonishing that you will require cleaning your artificial teeth regularly. Like natural teeth, you should brush daily. You can also use liquids, of course with doctor’s recommendations! To expand the durability of your dentures, you should handle them very carefully. Also, never bend them while cleaning, and avoid damaging the clips during brushing or cleaning. You should soak your dentures while you go to sleep and ensure that the dentures do not dry out. The dentist might also recommend you keep away from specific foods and drinks.